MildredMildred is our debut game, a fun fast shooter with the look and feel of an old school RPG.

Take control of Mildred, a girl with super powers, imprisoned by an unknown enemy in a foul dungeon. Fight your way out, blast energy from your eyeballs, rid the world of evil beasts, and find your captors. As you progress you’ll gain experience, level up, and become more powerful… ready to face challenges that lay before you.


  • 21 levels of back to basics shooter fun.
  • An array of beasts and monsters.
  • 6 XP levels to make you progressively more powerful.
  • 16-bit style gameplay and graphics.
  • Genuine 8-bit sounds and music.
  • Custom level loader for Tiled Map Editor .tmx files (template level included).

Available now for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Download (Mac):
Download (Windows – 32bit):
Download (Windows – 64bit):
Download (Linux – 32bit):
Download (Linux – 64bit):




Produced by HexEnsemble.
Programming by Jez Harding.
Art by DENZI.
Music & sound by The Jezter.

© Copyright 2016 HexEnsemble. Published under licence by Hot Baked Goods.
DENZI’s artwork used under a Creative Commons Licence: Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported.